what is 100% chiropractic

100% Chiropractic is a family of full-service wellness clinics that offer cutting edge chiropractic care, massage therapy, and a full line of supreme quality nutritional supplements.

Our incredible doctors, assistants, and therapists care about our patients and their individual health goals; and work directly with our patients to make sure they turn those goals into a reality.

Chiropractic care can help in many areas of our patients’ lives. Some of the options we offer our patients include Corrective Care, Family Wellness, Personal Injury (Auto Accident), Prenatal, and Pediatric, as well as Massage Therapy.

At 100% Chiropractic, we don’t just treat pain—we work to educate, inspire, empower, and provide lasting care for our patients to live their lives to their fullest potential. 

We offer affordable cash plans and accept all insurance, so patients have little reservations.

Our rapidly expanding nationwide family has been recognized as one of Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc5000’s top new franchises (two years in a row!) and patients are taking notice.

We offer the chiropractic care families are wanting, and the legendary 100% customer service they deserve. We encourage everyone to truly live life at 100%!

how 100% began

Doctors Jason and Vanessa Helfrich both graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2004, then moved back home with their three young boys to open their first practice.

They were both armed with doctorates, but equally as important was their business knowledge and experience in the world of customer service. Prior to graduate school, Jason and Vanessa owned and operated their own restaurant, as well as managed a few big-name franchises in the restaurant world. They learned first hand the importance of creating a memorable experience for the customer, providing an enjoyable atmosphere for employees, and always making the best first impression. Their focus quickly turned from providing the customer service and aesthetics of the restaurant business to that of healthcare. Chiropractic at its core is an incredible profession—it has the ability to dramatically change the quality of life for its patients, in the best way.

Dr. Jason and Dr. Vanessa soon realized that the general population does not fully understand what chiropractic care can do. The relatively new practice, founded in 1895, offers health benefits that have not yet been revealed to their fullest potential.

During the development of 100% Chiropractic, it became clear that part of the chiropractic experience would need to be introducing the profession in a way that shows patients not only the short term benefits of chiropractic care but also the long term benefits of maintaining their care regiment. Essentially, we are teaching patients that true health is so much more than just pain management—it is also optimal social, mental, and physical well-being. After all, that is the definition of health!

100% Chiropractic first opened its doors in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2004 with the simple idea to revolutionize the chiropractic profession. Could a chiropractic office become highly profitable while also moving the profession forward? Could it change the lives of their patients while implementing business systems and structures that would allow for the office to rapidly reach a profitable level? Could the owner of the office enjoy the benefits of having a positive impact on the community and feeling good about the services the office provides, all while making an incredible profit? The answer is YES! This is how the idea of 100% Chiropractic was born. The word quickly spread and soon one successful office turned to two, two to four, four to ten… you get the idea.

To thrive in this profession, 100% Chiropractic would have to inspire their patients to expect more out of their health. 100% Chiropractic works individually with patients to achieve their short-term health goals, as well as their long-term ones. This ultimately makes the difference between just living, and living well.

So how did they achieve this? Simply by asking their patients: what are your health goals? What would taking action to reach those goals look like? How would achieving those goals change your life? Dr. Jason and Dr. Vanessa quickly went to work on creating detailed systems to build a dynamic practice, and the rest is history!


100% Chiropractic is a family of full-service wellness clinics that offer cutting edge chiropractic care, massage therapy, and a full line of supreme quality nutritional supplements.

Our incredible doctors, assistants, and therapists care about you and your individual health goals and will work with you to make sure you turn those goals into a reality. At 100% Chiropractic we won’t just treat your pain, we will work to educate, inspire, empower & provide lasting care for you to live your life to its fullest potential. 


Beyond the life-changing chiropractic care we offer, there are so many reasons why we are above and beyond anything else you have seen in the franchise industry.

To start, when our patients come in for care they are greeted with a warm and friendly staff in an environment that is soothing, clean, and comforting. We take the new patient through a detailed process of an empowerment session where we teach them about how their spine affects their daily functions and the importance of chiropractic care.

Next, we typically take digital x-rays of all of our patients in order to give the best care. Patients also take a Fit3D Scan which produces a 3D postural and body analysis for our doctors so they can best monitor their health goals and posture. 

Massage therapy with cupping is offered to assist muscular health and maintenance. We also have Stretch therapy and cutting-edge modalities, a complete line of high-grade supplements to balance any internal nutritional needs!  Our chiropractic care is 40% corrective based, meaning we focus on long term care that suggests the patient return routinely to maintain optimal spinal curvatures and functionality.

why we created 100% nutrition

We have a vision…a vision of a health revolution. The current healthcare model just doesn’t work for prevention and wellness. It’s “sick care” not “health care”, meaning it focuses on treating sickness, not preventing it. 

In 2004 we graduated with honors from the renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic. At that time we loaded up our three boys, Ty, Cael and Alec and moved back home to beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.  We opened 100% A Chiropractic Wellness Center in August 2004 and have since been expanding across the nation ever since.

100% Nutrition is an integral piece of our mission to revolutionize health by providing high-performance supplements that are thoughtfully curated to nourish every facet of you and your family’s health, from cognitive and neurological to physical, mental, and immune wellbeing. These synergistic powerhouses work together to offer a comprehensive wellness solution.

You and your family deserve no less than 100% vitality, 100% vibrancy and 100% health.  Come experience what “Life at 100%” truly is and what it can do for you, your family, your friends, your community and ultimately the world.Drs. Jason andVanessaHelfrich – 100% Nutrition Co-founders


Our mission is to deliver a powerful health revolution, right into the hands of individuals who seek to optimize their wellness. Our belief is simple yet profound: the human body possesses an incredible ability to flourish when it’s fueled right and nurtured by a healthy balanced lifestyle.

EPIC billing is a full service billing company that is exclusively for 100% Chiropractic offices only.  We take the worry and complexity of billing insurance off the plate of our franchisees.

Credentialing services are offered to our doctors who need to get in network with insurance.

We take on the hassle of filling out all the required contracts for you. Claims are scrubbed and submitted every week: error-free, 98% first-time pass rate. Rejections are corrected and resubmitted promptly.  Our AR team aim’s is to reduce your Account Receivables and achieve faster reimbursement. Running reports and using our systems to identify the denial of a claim. 

The billing team verifies the appropriate payment for each claim and promptly posts all ERAs and EOBs. The remaining balance is billed to the secondary insurance or posted to the patient’s account.

Insurance Training for the office is offered directly from certified billers as well as a licensed Chiropractor to maximize reimbursements. 

Our Personal Injury team goes after your auto cases money to make sure you get paid quickly and accurately. They also help set up relationships in your area with trusted attorneys. EPIC allows our doctors, franchisees and support team to focus on the patient and not the insurance companies.

ChiroHD is a one-of-a-kind Cloud-based software designed specifically for 100% Chiropractic. This software offers our patients features like smart phone check in, virtual waiting room, app to easily access x-rays, patient paperwork, and so much more. Our office staff love the ability to get reporting at the touch of a button, run statistics on their practice, have a place for concise and organized inventory, and easily access patient paperwork.

Our software is constantly adding more features and updating to make sure our doctors and patients are receiving the best possible tools to make their practice and experience run smoothly.

See their website here :  www.ChiroHD.com


The Entrepreneurial Juggernaut Podcast is hosted by Dr. Jason Helfrich and Chelsey Lowe and specifically catered toward the entrepreneur. 

The EJ Podcast has featured some celebrities in the business world like Billy DeMoss —— a very well known chiro & founder of Cal Jam, John Assaraf —— author of The Secret & owner of NueroGym, Alex Jeffreys —— business coach, Rob Spencer —— adventure blog-ist, and some very successful doctors. Check out the links above to listen!


We are built up of a group of incredible individuals who’s energy and dedication have proven to help this company thrive. These are a few of the individuals who work in our corporate office, but there are many many more behind the scenes that make our successful franchise possible!


Co-Founder | CEO


Co-Founder | CFO


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Growth Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


VP of Finance


Director of Nutrition


Director of Doctor Recruiting


Director of Office Operations


Director of Doctor Training


Director of Financial Relations


Office Manager


Social Media Marketing Manager


Finance Assistant


Senior Graphic Designer




Director of Stretch Therapy

Jasmine Fifer

Onboarding Specialist


Director of Financial Relations