What is Tribe?

100% Tribe is a quarterly gathering that brings together 100% Chiropractic doctors, franchisees, and their spouses. It’s a time for presenting quarterly statistics, training for improved leadership and team-building, celebrating victories, and seeking advice and inspiration. One of these gatherings each year, known as the All-Company Tribe, includes the entire staff, while the other three are reserved exclusively for doctors and franchisees.

Top Ten Presentations

- The first group to present their statistics is always the Top Ten offices, known as "The U." - All offices, even those not in "The U," are encouraged to attend to learn from the top-performing teams.

Breakout Sessions

Following "The U" presentations, offices split into breakout rooms led by 100% Room Leaders from the top-collecting offices. - These sessions involve presentations, questions, feedback, and celebrations.

Private "U" Dinner

- The Top Ten offices enjoy a private "U" dinner. - Other offices are encouraged to bond over dinner as one big group or several smaller groups.

Training and Activities:

Each Tribe includes group training or activities toward the end of the 2-3 day event. - While each Tribe is unique, details are shared well in advance for planning.